Google Docs Goes (Sort Of) Mobile

    October 17, 2007

If a person shows up for school without some sort of note-taking instrument, they’re in trouble.  Similarly, the new “Google Docs for your mobile phone,” which only lets users read documents, feels a little lacking.

Granted, no one needs to be writing a report, or even a lengthy email, on a mobile device.  But it wouldn’t hurt to give users the option of creating bits of text, or at least editing existing ones.  Also, Greg Sterling discovered that spreadsheets “rendered somewhat awkwardly for me,” and “you cannot access presentations.”

As products go, this is rather half-baked, and as Google products go . . . well, it’s almost embarrassing.  It’s not even as if Google Docs for mobile had “leaked” – there’s a post about its launch on the Official Google Docs Blog.

Zach Lloyd, a software engineer, acknowledges the shortcomings, and would-be users will be glad to see the words “yet” and “for now” appear frequently.  And to their credit, it sounds as if Lloyd and other Googlers have made quite a bit of progress to even reach the current point.

They’ll hopefully whip Google Docs for mobile into better shape soon.  But in its current state, the service’s usefulness seems limited.