Google Docs Gains Some Basic Features

    December 20, 2007

It hasn’t been a complaint so much as an observation, but many people have said that Google Docs possesses fewer features than Microsoft Word.  This is still the case, yet now Google Docs has gained several of the more basic and often-used options.

Google Docs Gains Some Basic Features

The ability to set margins is a big one – college professors may not even accept papers that don’t have the proper amount of white space around the edges, and Google has been trying hard to hook students at various universities.

Next comes the ability to print page numbers, and this is important for the same reason.  Google can give colleges all the software it wants, but if the stuff would cause students to receive lower grades, they’ll find something else to use.

Finally, users of Google Docs will be able to choose landscape or portrait page orientation, and pick between legal, letter, and A4 paper sizes.

These features won’t solve the problem of anonymity that Google Docs is facing.  Still, on the Official Google Docs Blog, David Kuettel writes, "[W]e’re happy to announce that for those of you with a need, Google documents can now come out to play.  Right out of your printer and on to your desk, or your boss’s desk, or your teacher’s folder, or your client’s briefcase…printed documents are here."