Google Ditches the Google Base Search Page

    November 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Update: Google has officially retired the Google Base search page. The company announces:

As we announced we’d be doing a few weeks ago, we’ve retired Google Base’s separate search page today. We don’t expect that this change will have much impact for data providers. However, if you have any questions about this or any other issue, check out the Google Merchant Center Forums to get help from the Base community and Google staff.

Original Article: Google is shutting down Google Base’s search page. The company has deemed the page all but worthless, saying that people search Google Product Search for products and Google Maps for houses for rent/sale.

"Since not many people use the page, this change should not have a big impact [on] your traffic," says Google Base Product Manager Robin Züger. "All data remains available through the Google Base API and through any applications that make use of it. As before, you can search for your own product listings in Google Product Search."

Google Base Search

"We expect this change won’t be very disruptive," adds Züger. "As always, please refer to the Merchant Center help forum if you have questions, and feel free to post a new question if what you need isn’t already answered there."

All data will remain available through the Google Base API and any apps that utilize it. The search page will be eliminated in a few weeks.

Google recently split up Google Base into two separate entities – Google Base and the new Google Merchant Center. The Merchant Center was set up to replace Google Base for users who submit product-type items to Google.


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