Google Director Finds His Way To Facebook

    March 26, 2008

Somewhere in California, a printer of business cards is grateful to Ethan Beard.  Beard is transitioning from Google (where he worked as the director of social media) to Facebook (to serve as the director of business development).

Beard Moves To Facebook
 Beard Transferring To Facebook

It almost seems like the printer should dedicate a hotline to this sort of thing.  Google’s a big company, of course, and it’s only natural that people will leave it from time to time.  But when the people are rather important, and so many of them have the same destination in mind, it’s the kind of trend you can’t help noticing.

Also, departures from Google have to be treated differently now that its stock is near $460 per share instead of $700 or more.

In any event, Beard explained his move by telling Erick Schonfeld, "I think Facebook is great for a variety of reasons: the company has an innovative product with amazing growth, the team they have assembled is first rate, and the business is at a very exciting time in its development.  I am excited to join Facebook at a time and in a role where I can have a significant impact on its core business and bottom line."

It sounds like Beard could have a career in the PR department, as well.  We’ll let the printer know.