Google Developer Event Announced

    March 11, 2008

May 28th and May 29th appear to be pretty quiet days – on a national level, there shouldn’t be any major events or holidays.  So, although we know not everyone will be able to attend, Google seems to have picked a good period in which to hold a developer gathering.

Google Developer Event Announced
 Google I/O Conference

People who live near San Francisco or are willing to travel there are the ones who should listen closest.  Also – we’ll go ahead and get all the iffy issues out of the way – you’ll need to fork over $50 if you’re a student, $300 if you register before March 28th, and $400 if you decide to go at a later time.

On to the good stuff about Google I/O, then.  On the Google Code Blog, Andrew Bowers wrote, "The purpose of the event is to bring developers together to learn about products, tools, and techniques which are moving the web forward as a platform."

He later continued, "We’ve divided Google I/O into five topic areas: AJAX, APIs & Tools, Social, Geo, and Mobile.  There’s, of course, a focus on Google products, but the event won’t be limited to just Google APIs and developer tools.  There is a lot of knowledge about web development in general at Google, and we’d like to share that expertise so that all applications on the web get better."

It definitely sounds like an interesting time.  Everyone will just need to decide for themselves how much traveling they’re willing to do.