Google Desktop SDK Opens Up Possibilities

    March 7, 2005

With the potential ability to integrate the capability of Google search into any number of applications, the release of the GDS SDK has caused a noticeable stir.

Google indicates in their statement about the SDK that it was developed to extend the power of Google Desktop Search into the “100,000 applications and 10,000 different file types available for Windows.” As indicated by John Battelle, this little tool does what Microsoft is trying to develop Longhorn to do: integrate search into Windows applications.

However, besides beating Microsoft to the punch, what other developments are possible when developing plug-ins using GDS SDK? Google’s page gives potential users a number of examples:

    Email applications such as Lotus, Eudora, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail

    Files from iTunes, Wordperfect, StarOffice, or any other file format

    Web history from Opera, AOL, or any other web browser

    IM applications such as Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger

Also, developers who are quick to produce quality applications are eligible to be featured on the GDS plug-in page; receive a free GDS developer t-shirt; and free AdWords advertisements for your plug-in. Google also features a development guide page to assist users in creating their plug-ins.

While these capabilities are good to have, the ability to integrate GDS into a number of Windows applications gives the SDK legs. As Battelle nicely points out, this could very well be setting the stage for a desktop conquest-type of event:

Isn’t integrated search what MSFT is promising with Longhorn? Why, yes it is. But that’s two years out. This is ready now.

So is this Google starting an all out war for the hearts and mind of Windows developers, and for the search habits of Windows users? Hell yes to the latter, but on the former, not yet, but it’s sure as hell interesting. When I asked Nikhil Bahtla, GDS product manager, about this, he used Wordperfect as an example. Nice choice. I doubt MSFT will be busy working on a Word or Office plugin any time soon.

Stay tuned.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.