Google Decides Veteran’s Day’s Okay

    November 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Since Google began decorating its logo on certain holidays back in 1999, the company has been roundly criticized by American patriots for not honoring two holidays close to their hearts: Memorial Day and Veterans Day. At least one of those made the cut in 2007.

Yesterday, Veterans Day got its due.

In years past, when conservative organizations had complained about the way Google commemorated all other holidays, and even foreign holidays or prominent birthdays, Google PR noted that Veterans Day and Memorial Day were "too solemn," or would have the potential to offend.

 Google Decides Veteran's Day's Okay

Seems like a change of heart has occurred – at least, half of a heart. We’ll wait and see if Google changes its mind about Memorial Day, where we honor our war dead as well as those that are still living.