Google Custom Search Platform Spreads

    November 20, 2007

Something that’s “custom” is usually rare; it’s often, in fact, unique.  Yet the Google Custom Search platform is available to just a lot of folks, as a new announcement states that it’s accessible in 40 languages and roughly 80 countries.

Google Custom Search Platform Spreads Google’s Custom Search is available in two flavors: “free” and “Business Edition.”  While a cynic might expect the Business Edition to spread just a little bit faster, the expansion has affected both versions equally.  Also, a cynic who’s not familiar with the software might think this is one of Google’s less-important programs, but that’s not exactly the case.

“The UK Parliament uses CSBE on its website to make nine million documents easily accessible to the public,” note Nitin Mangtani and Rajat Mukherjee on the Official Google Blog.  “Monarch Airlines is using CSBE to help manage the growing number of customer enquiries about hand baggage regulations and the increased focus on airline security. . . .  A leading Serbian media system B92, which includes both a TV and radio station and a leading web portal,, offers Custom Search on various sections of its site, such as sport, business, culture and technology.”  And the list goes on.

This development, then, is something that a lot of people are likely to appreciate.  Look for more news to emerge along these lines, though – 80 countries is an impressive tally, but by most counts, there are 192 in the world.