Google Counts 10 Million Apps For Education Users


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Google Apps for Education has really, really caught on.  Whether or not you noticed, Google's been making an announcement here and an announcement there for quite some time, and today, the company acknowledged that all those deals have added up to the tune of about 10 million users.

In typical Google fashion, the company didn't just recognize the achievement with a press release.  A post on the Official Google Blog stated, "We figured that nothing was more fitting than a tailgate celebration to toast the colleges and universities that have 'gone Google.'  And of course, it's not really a party without inviting the marching band."

The video below highlights more fun stuff, too.

Anyway, the post later added, "[W]e've seen the number of active Google Apps for Education users double since last fall, with more than two million new users coming on board since May alone; not to mention the emerging growth we're now seeing in the K-12 space."

Which is all quite impressive.  Let's just hope Google's third quarter earnings report is also solid, or shareholders may have a few complaints about the company's recent forays into wind farms, self-driving cars, and now tailgating parties.