Google Could Be Major Publisher

    June 26, 2007

Google could at any time try its hand in the publishing industry according to a report by Outsell developed with GGReport titled "Google as a Publisher: Is Google Poised for a New Push into the Information Industry?"

"News publishers and providers, book and magazine publishers, and directory providers are all in Google’s line of fire," said Leigh Watson Healy, Chief Analyst, Outsell.

The Outsell reports say that because of Google’s technical infrastructure, patents and development processes, the company is ready to enter the publishing arena if they choose. Google’s assembled technologies cover the whole spectrum of publishing’s functions, from content acquisition to e-commerce and royalty payments.

"Google has the potential to enter certain market sectors with minimal investment and virtually no programming. If a sector does not draw clicks or advertisers, the initiative can be killed and neither financial nor technical harm is inflicted on Google. Contrast this situation with any traditional publisher wanting to shift from print to online," said Healy.