Google Copyright Lawyer Seals His Blog

William Patry discouraged by griefers, copyright law

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Highly public position allegedly caused confusion with readers who attributed his personal views to be Google’s opinions.

William Patry opted for the nuclear option with his blog, closing it down and annihilating his archive of posts about copyright law. However, the archive may return, even though Patry noted the difficulty in doing so.

The Patry Copyright Blog held forth on his views on the murky depths of copyright laws. He said in his closing post he started the blog because he “felt there was no blog devoted to the geekery of copyright; meaning a blog where people who loved copyright could come and discuss copyright issues in a non-partisan way.”

Patry gave two reasons for folding the blogging tent: he blamed readers for not accepting his blog as a personal blog, and he considered the current state of copyright law “too depressing.”

“It is profoundly depressing, after 26 years full-time in a field I love, to be a constant voice of dissent,” he wrote.

He was certainly in a high-profile position, one that he tried to balance by not commenting on Google’s cases or on companies with whom Google may have been in dispute, Patry said. But shifting to that position exposed him to “crazies,” ones who gave him a lot of grief.

One might think turning off comments would mitigate that, but Patry decided to eliminate a lot of well-respected work all at once. He’s certainly entitled to do what he likes with his property, but wiping out a repository of quality writing because of a few online nutjobs smacks of excessively thin skin.

Groklaw took the extra step of suggesting the harassment Patry endured came from those who opposed his views on copyright. “Part of the process is to try to damage your reputation; the rest is to discourage you to a degree that you give up,” Pamela Jones said.

Google Copyright Lawyer Seals His Blog
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  • http://www.freewebs.com/recruitnrevolt Revoltin1

    Too bad for the loss of all that good information, and for the fans that did enjoy the blog. However, I do understand how depressing and/or frustrating it can be "to be a constant voice of dissent." We "been there and done that" too, and weary of always having to expalin or defend our position. . But the beat must go on, the "battle for knowledge and clarity" will never end as long as their are "inquiring minds" and a thirst for knowledge. Perhaps Patrys bolg will come back full swing once the battle weary owners gets some rest. Even the bravest &  boldest soldiers need a break from the battlezone now and then.

    Dont let the crazies get you down Bill, there is too many of them for that. Rise up above them and ignore them. They hate that worse than anything else. They are only trying to get you goat. Dont let them.

    Keep up the good work in whatever it is you choose to do.

    A Fan

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