Google Cooler Than Ducati?

    September 13, 2007

On a new “coolest brands” list, Google didn’t manage to come in first, second, or third.  Gasp!  The search giant didn’t rank fourth, either.  But Google did get fifth place, and, considering some of the other companies on the list, there’s absolutely no shame in that.

After all, if someone were to tell me that they used Google, I think they’d get a raised eyebrow and a silent stare.  If they told me that they drove an Aston Martin, well, I can pretty much guarantee a positive reaction.  So you’ll see no complaints in this article about Aston Martin earning a name as the absolute coolest brand.

You will, however, see a bit of whining about Ferrari coming in eleventh and Lamborghini placing seventeenth.  I accuse Superbrands and about 2,000 voters of not loving cars enough.

Anyway, a name that was in more direct competition with Google (in terms of ranking) was “iPod” – this term ranked second.  The number four spot went to Bang & Olufsen, which, out of the top five, leaves just the third coolest brand unidentified.  And Google shouldn’t complain much about having this brand ahead of it, since YouTube, which nabbed third place, is actually owned by Google.

The rest of the top 20 is available at The Independent, but, just to cover the search-related bases, I’ll say that neither Yahoo nor Microsoft made that cutoff.