Google Continues to Push Toolbar Usage

    December 27, 2006

Google’s Toolbar is a commonly utilized browser add-on for both Internet Explorer and Firefox users. With its search box, ad blocking, page rank features, and ability to track user behavior — its no wonder the company continues to aggressively market the tool in its search results

What is a wonder, however, is that Google is advertising the product to users who already have the toolbar installed in their respective browsers.

I have to admit, I was rather surprised when I came across this little nugget of information. When it comes to accurately targeted advertising, Google is usually at or near the top of the list.

Brian Turner, who originally documented the occurrence, says this:

“However, it remains a curiosity that a company famous for trying to target the right information at the right people, not least via search and Adwords – is unable to target users on the basis of whether they are actually using Google products or not.”

Perhaps this is a case of Google’s inability to track the usage of its products

But somehow, I sincerely doubt it.

While I can’t comment on this particular issue with 100% concrete certainty, I can fall back on a premise I wrote about earlier — Google is aggressively marketing its products and services across the board as 2007 approaches, looking to integrate as many users as possible into the Google platform.

As a result, Google Toolbar users who come across promotional messages encouraging the installation of the product are probably not victims of poor software tracking. Instead, they are more likely witnesses to a static advertising space that Google has implemented across the board with the hopes of reaching as many users as possible.

Much emphasis as of late has been placed on contextual and geo-targeted search advertising techniques, designed to cater toward specific user tendencies. Let us not forget, however, that sometimes the good old-fashioned mass marketing techniques are necessary as well.

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