Google Continues To Make Healthy Showing In Asia-Pacific


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As everybody knows by now, the whole Google-China scuffle has not done the search giant's market share any favors in that country.  But it's been quite a while since we've checked in on Google's performance in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole, and today, comScore was good enough to provide some relevant data.

Google fans will be pleased to know that the company's still doing well, especially in terms of unique visitors.  comScore determined that Google reached about 55 percent of the region's online population in May, which is impressive.

Or, if you'd like to look at things in a more competitive way, Google reached about 24 percent more people than Microsoft, almost 32 percent more people than Yahoo, and a whopping 53 percent more people than Baidu.

Of course, it's plain to see that Google hasn't won in every category, so the company can't make any claims about global domination just yet.  But there's always the argument that search engines aren't supposed to absorb that much of a person's time, just providing them with a quick answer, instead.

Anyway, Will Hodgman, comScore's executive vice president in the Asia-Pacific region, observed in a statement, "Home to nearly half of the world's online population, the Asia-Pacific region represents a wealth of opportunity for both local and global brands in the digital media space."

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo all seem well-positioned to take advantage of that.