Google Continues Buzz Rollout With Maps Tie-In


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Ready or not, Google Maps fans, here Google Buzz comes.  Following all other sorts of product integrations, Google's now made it possible to combine its Google Buzz layer of data with the desktop version of Google Maps.

This really does make for a significant trend.  In just the past month or so, we've discussed a Buzz widget for Android, the integration of Buzz with Google Apps, the blending of Buzz and Gmail for mobile, and a tie-in with Blogger.

Of course, whether these steps are entirely welcome may be a different story, considering that the majority of Buzz users appear to be bots and an international group of data protection authorities is still protesting Google's rollout of the service.

We'll leave all that alone for the time being, though, and move on to the most recent development.  A post on the LatLong Blog explained it by stating, "We've received a lot of requests to make the Google Buzz layer available on desktop Google Maps, and today we're doing just that."

The post then continued, "To view the Google Buzz layer from your computer, go to Google Maps in your web browser and select Buzz from the More... menu in the top right corner of the map.  Find an interesting area like your neighborhood and select any available icon to see what's going on there.  In the post's window, click on the name to see the author's public profile, the timestamp to comment on the post, or the place to see it in Maps."