Google Commerce Search Is No More

    February 15, 2013
    Chris Crum
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After several iterations, Google has finally decided to kill of Commerce Search.

The product was announced in late 2009 as an ecommerce-focused version of Google Site Search. It was specifically tailored to ecommerce and product sites. Here’s a look:

In mid-2010, Google introduced version 2.0 with some new features:

In 2011, another refresh was announced:

Now, without an actual announcement, Google has shut the product down. TechCrunch shares a statement from a Google spokesperson:

We are making a strategy shift towards offering more flexible, easier to adopt modules for retailers, such as the Search As You Type widget, rather than a full site search replacement and therefore will no longer be offering Google Commerce Search as a core site search replacement product. We will continue to support our current retail customers using GCS and will try to help them on the best migration process to alternate solutions.

As TechCrunch’s Leena Rao points out, Google recommended sites use Commerce Search as recently as July, when the company announced it would shut down Google Mini.

  • Robert

    $$$ big G need all money of the world. And soon will ban sites for use of ‘hello’, ‘welcome’ and ‘and’ words.

  • http://www.gbepackaging.com Bob Teal

    Maybe it means more money or savings for you. Not! How is any of this going to get you what you want on Google for less money. Its not. If you want lower prices we need to get away from google. They stand for higher pricing so we can pay them so they can do all this cool stuff. If you think the web is for fun well google is your game but if the web is a business or you are looking for product then good luck. We are all about our customers and not about what Google wants. We could pay Google all our profit and still not get traffic. Who does Google work for again. I lost track some time ago but it’s not about business unless you have lots of money to lose. Keep up the good work Google and soon you will be the only business on the web. Maybe that is the plan?

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    Google is always looking for ways to improve unlike Yahoo. They are known to improve upon their products and that is what makes them such a valuable company.