Google, CodeWeavers Pair On Picasa Port

    February 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Linux users have been waiting impatiently for Google, a big internal user of Linux, to port its applications to the popular open source operating system.

The first Google application to make the jump to Linux will get a boost from CodeWeavers. Google’s photo editor and sharing program Picasa has been tapped as the first program Linux users receive.

DesktopLinux reported how a combination of Google’s Picasa code and the Wine middleware technology layer will make Picasa possible for Linux systems.

The article cited sources close to the project who noted that version of Wine used in the project comes from CodeWeavers. That company would not confirm the project, despite sources who affirmed it was working on Linux Picasa. Google representatives had no information to share with DesktopLinux about the project.

After Picasa, the next Google-project-to-Linux could be Google Talk. DesktopLinux said that project is being developed internally, and pointed to Google’s hiring of GAIM’s lead developer Sean Egan last October as one possible hint about Google’s enigmatic intentions. A beta version of Google Talk for Linux may already be in testing within the Googleplex now.

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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.