Google Code Search Ready To Go

    October 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Another facet of the search advertising company’s creation of an alternative destination for developers should debut online tonight.

Gossip site Valleywag has reported the pending launch of Google Code Search. The site received news of the announcement, which is embargoed until 9 PM PDT today.

“According to a journalist, Google’s new product will launch already larger than the two main source code search engines, Koders and Krugle,” said Valleywag.

Google first debuted its competitor to SourceForge in July. Called Project Hosting, Google claimed it was not competing with SourceForge and pledged not to permit the creation of namespaces that duplicated projects on SourceForge.

The code repository at Project Hosting quickly began to fill with new contributions. Languages like Perl and others have a variety of projects appearing in Google’s repository.

It was noted in July that Google’s full-text search and version control for Project Hosting would draw upon Google’s existing technologies for search and storage. Code Search will be a logical extension of their services to developers.

Update: Google did launch the new service, and we have added the link to the first paragraph.

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