Google Claims Gmail Bug Fixed

    January 13, 2005

According to published reports, Google has repaired a serious Gmail bug within 24 hours of its discovery by HBX Networks.

The bug provided a doorway into personal emails sent and received via Gmail. According to Robert Lemos of CNET News:

“Google acknowledged the problem on Wednesday and said it had been fixed. It is unclear how long the glitch lasted.

The problem became apparent when an email message sent by the programmers left off a “>” from the end of a recipient’s address. The result: Google’s server sent back seemingly random information that the hackers realised was information from someone else’s email message.

A source at the company said on Wednesday that Google acknowledged the problem and had fixed it by the end of the day. Since the problem originated in the application on the company’s servers, the fix immediately plugged the leak for all users, the source said.”

Steve Malone of PC Pro concludes … “As the problem lay at the server level, users can rest assured that their data has been secured. However, the Gmail flaw is the latest in a series of embarrassing vulnerabilities found in Google software.”

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