Google Choose Your Own Adventure Game

    February 6, 2006

Philipp has made a game he calls “The Google Adventure“, a choose-your-way text game.

The game invites you, a new Google hire, to make a series of choices that will supposedly lead either to fame or Plaxo. Five minutes in, I haven’t done much adventuring, so maybe someone can suggest a path that doesn’t have me getting fired for playing Minesweeper.

I remember seeing an online choose-your-own-adventure game that invited participants to write branches that weren’t written yet, a sort of wiki adventure, maybe we could try that, adding in all the different things that a Googler can do, like:

  • Build a wacky/useful/massive revenue project in your free time
  • Use your free 20% time to play with your kids, or volleyball
  • Run over a Google founder with a Segway
  • Get fired for blogging
  • Become a very boring type of superhero who hunts down search spammers and has only one very strong superpower: deindexing
  • Be older than most Googlers, hate the Google culture and sue them because you didn’t have fun
  • Snap your spine over a large, colorful ball and spend the rest of your life hooked up as an AI within a Google datacenter
  • Go on the Google ski trip, everyone gets trapped by an avalanche, and we find out what PhD brains taste like when you have to survive
  • Run a raid on Yahoo and steal their mascot. Realize Yahoo doesn’t have a mascot, steal Zawodny’s glider
  • Add AJAX to your kids mittens
  • Forget about your job and wait for your stock options to vest
  • Move to the Kirkland office and listen to jealous Microsoft employees
  • Date Marissa Mayer
  • Date Larry Page
  • Date Google Calendar (good luck!)
  • Aquire a promising startup, distribute their team throughout the company, and forget the startup ever existed
  • Discover you have a 187 IQ. Spend the rest of your career wearing the dunce cap
  • Come up with your own in the comments, or try to figure out which of mine actually happened.

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