Google China Inches Up In Search

    January 25, 2008

According to a new report, Google gained some ground in China during the fourth quarter of 2007.  But it’s hardly time for anyone in Mountain View to celebrate; Baidu’s still far, far ahead of the company that is so dominant in the U.S.

Analysys International puts Baidu’s share of the search market at 60.1 percent.  Google’s, by contrast, was 25.9 percent.  That’s up a respectable 2.2 percent from its third quarter standing.  And a greater rise could be on the way, as gets time to catch on and services targeting the mobile market launch.Google China Inches Up In Search

Baidu’s not just watching and waiting, however.  The company recently unveiled a patent search service, and not long after that, won a case brought against it by the four major American music labels.  Also, as with search, it’s already pretty dominant in the mobile market.

In any event, we’ll return to that Analysys search data, for which we owe a hat tip to Bigmouthmedia.  After Baidu and Google, Yahoo China came in third with a market share of 9.6 percent.  Next in line were Zhongso (1.4 percent), Sogou (1.2 percent), and Sina (0.5 percent).  Maybe Google China isn’t doing too poorly after all.