Google Cheers Viacom Deal With Microsoft

    December 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Amid rumors the Federal Trade Commission would approve Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick, the company pointed to the Microsoft-Viacom deal as proof of sufficient market competition.

Viacom’s haste to toss out DoubleClick as its ad serving platform in favor of a deal with Microsoft for advertising and content served up a golden opportunity for Google. DoubleClick’s purchaser trumpeted that partnership as proof of a competitive advertising marketplace.Google Cheers Viacom Deal With Microsoft

A statement from Google appeared on the Bits blog echoed Google’s mantra since their winning bid for DoubleClick first came to light:

We have argued all along that the online advertising space is highly competitive and that there are no barriers to switching. While some have apparently argued otherwise, today’s announcement would seem to suggest that those arguments are flawed.

Viacom seems to be reading the tea leaves with its decision to switch partners. Their move pushes out what will be an asset to Google, whom Viacom happens to be suing for a billion dollars for copyright infringement taking place on YouTube.

A Bloomberg report also sharpened the focus on FTC approval of Google’s purchase. A pair of anonymous sources close to the discussion said the FTC will give the DoubleClick decision a green light soon.