Google Challenges You To Think Outside The Map


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Despite losing some key partners and a price reduction, the Google Maps API is still pretty popular around the world. Google Maps is one of those brands you can trust and people have built some terrific things with the API. What's that? You want to build even more insane things with maps? Well, Google has the perfect session for you.

The Google Maps API team presented at Google I/O this week and the talk challenged developers to think about Google Maps as more than just that - a map. The technology can be leveraged in numerous ways to provide all kinds of handy information to users. It can be combined with other APIs to bring powerful new location-based tools to the market.

People may see Google I/O as a place for computer engineers and computer scientists to gather and talk about the latest breakthroughs in JavaScript or C++. While that may be true for a talk on say Apps Script, it couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to Maps. The session above covers the numerous ways Google Maps is being leveraged to provide services to varied industries from real estate to retail.

If you're a hardcore Google Maps developer or just curious, the above presentation is for you. Google Maps is definitely one of the more exciting products from Google, at least from a consumer point of view. Developers getting the most out of the API yields some fantastic results that helps people in all walks of life. Check out the video to learn more.