Google Celebrates the Barcode

    October 7, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google is celebrating the invention of the bar code today, with its latest doodle. There is an interesting history of the barcode available on Wikipedia, which of course is the top natural result in Google’s search results for barcode (which you are taken to upon clicking the doodle).

Google Bar Code Doodle

According to Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal, the code Google is using for the doodle actually would read "Google" if scanned.

Google is really cranking out the doodles these days. Is it just me or do they appear much more frequently than they used to?

Recently, a way to make your favorite doodle stick was discovered. It is a Greasemonkey script, and if I recall correctly, Matt Cutts even tweeted about, seemingly giving it Google’s seal of approval.

What is your favorite Google doodle? Tell us in the comments.