Google Celebrates Anniversary, Opens New Office

    October 23, 2007

Some companies don’t celebrate anniversaries.  Some merely put a few grocery-store cupcakes near the water cooler.  But Google knows how to handle an anniversary – the search giant recently made a big cake and opened a new office in Fremont, Washington.

The cake, which is pictured on the Official Google Blog, doesn’t look as enormous as the one that commemorated the New York office’s first anniversary; in this respect, the third anniversary of the Seattle/Kirkland office disappoints me.  In other ways, though, Google’s employees in Washington seem to be much better off.

Steve Yegge, a software engineer, writes, “Kirkland is a lovely city nestled on Lake Washington, with views of the water, the Seattle skyline, and of course Mount Rainier, which is by far the area’s most impressive (and hopefully most dormant) volcano.”

Also, “we have no state tax,” and “[w]e have three lovely ski resorts within an hour’s drive, including Snoqualmie Pass, the nation’s largest night-skiing facility.  And the world-famous Whistler/Blackcomb resort is just a few hours’ drive across the Canadian border.”

Most of us can appreciate these things from a distance.  Those of you who live nearby might have a shot at appreciating them and getting in on next year’s celebration, though – Yegge also states, “[W]e’re always looking for great people to help us out.”