Google Celebrates a Year of Chrome

    September 2, 2009
    Chris Crum

Today Google celebrated the first birthday of Chrome, the company’s web browser. Google shares the following stats for what Chrome has seen over the past year:

– 51 developer releases
– 21 beta releases or updates
– 15 stable releases or updates
– Over 20,600 bugs filed (4,367 duplicates, 3,505 fixed)
– 11 external committers and bug editors
– 46 external code contributors
– 50 Chrome Experiments
– 26 posts on the Google Chrome blog
– 12 Chrome short films
– 150% Javascript performance improvement

"A lot has happened for Google Chrome since the day we prematurely shipped our comic book, announced Google Chrome just a day before we initially intended, and pushed our browser out of the nest and into Beta," says Chrome Product Manager Brian Rakowski. There was a Japanese sequel to the comic book as well.

Google has also launched a number of new features for Chrome over the year like side-by-side view, form autofill, and the ability to remove items from the New Tab page. There will of course be a lot more in the future. For a look at WebProNews coverage of Chrome since its launch, browse through our Chrome tag archive.

"There’s still plenty for us to do," says Rakowski. "Extensions for Google Chrome are well underway. We’re also hard at work on Google Chrome for Mac and Linux, which are making rapid progress on the developer channel."

Let’s not forget that the Google Chrome Operating System was also announced this year. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding this product, and it will be interesting to see if it lives up to the anticipation that precedes it.

On a related note, Google also celebrated the tenth birthday of Blogger today, although it was actually released in August of 1999.