Google C++B Bug Fixed

    May 13, 2004

I reported recently on a Google bug in which queries that included the letter “c” followed by two spaces and then the letter “b” caused an error in how Google parsed the urls in the results.

Jason “the entomologist” Dowdell explored the cause of the bug and wondered “could it be that Google is cacheing specific queries, and keeping those highlighted results in it’s resultset and then reparsing the urls and applying the highlighting again?”

However, that didn’t “explain why we don’t see the same results in the title of the site because highlighting is applied there as well as in the main description of the result.”

Jason reported on Airgin that Google fixed the buggy results of a c++b search.

Thanks for the follow up, Jason!

Jason also discovered the nissan armada headrest monitor bug. The “nahm” bug still exists.

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