Google, CapGemini Deal Panics Microsoft

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Microsoft responded to news of Google’s arrangement with CapGemini to place Google Apps on desktops with a ten-point list of questions companies should consider if they think of switching.

Google, CapGemini Deal Panics Microsoft
Google, CapGemini Deal Panics Microsoft

There’s nothing like a full-blown case of The Fear to bring out a point by point refutation of the client/server ecology of online applications. Microsoft’s list of corporate-speak appeared on Mary Jo Foley’s blog, attributed to a company spokesperson, and it’s all about keeping enterprises in line.

Microsoft’s fear is well-justified. Its Office productivity suite represents one of the company’s two major revenue streams, with Windows being the other. Office is as close to a fixture on corporate desktops as is the web browser.

We aren’t going to dissect Microsoft’s list of concerns point by point, because there’s only one that really matters. That would be point number five:


Google, CapGemini Deal Panics Microsoft
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  • http://petersmagnusson.com Peter S. Magnusson

    I don’t see the core apps (word, excel, ppt) being threatened by web alternatives any time soon. Simply too much functionality that most users want, at least on occasion.

    But communication apps – outlook, note taking, todo lists, messaging, calendar, etc – are all quickly being taken over by web alternatives. None of those really require a strong client.

    If google focused on that “half” of the Office equation, they would make better headway.

    • David A. Utter

      Not everyone in the office has to create pivot tables. Those that need to do so will have MS or Lotus. Those that don’t in a CapGemini scenario may be better served with Google Apps, especially if the accountants think a $9 an hour call center employee doesn’t need Office or Outlook just to read doc files and email.

      Or they could always compromise and grab a free copy of either OpenOffice or StarOffice.

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