Google Calls For Expansion Of H-1B Visa Program

Affects their ability to be choosey

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In lieu of recent history, parents may one day tell their kids, "President? But why? When you grow up, you could work at Google." With over a million resumes per year, Google can afford to be choosey, and doesn’t like having its talent pool options narrowed.

Ninety percent of Google US employees are American citizens or permanent residents, Keith Wolfe and Pablo Chavez assure readers of the Google Public Policy Blog, in response to criticism of the company’s support of expanding the controversial H-1B visa program. The other ten percent are pulled temporarily (and cheaply, argue critics) from abroad.

Wolfe and Chavez bemoan the fact that tens of thousands of foreign workers will be denied entry into the US; less than half of those who submitted applications this year will be approved. Google itself submitted 300 H-1B applications. As a result, Google is urging the US government to raise the "artificially low cap."

They write: "[I]f we’re to remain an innovative company — one that is creating jobs in the U.S. every day — we also need to hire exceptional candidates who happen to have been born elsewhere. After all, if we were to hire only U.S.-born talent, we would effectively close ourselves off from most of the world’s population…."

It may be important to note that no Google Public Policy Blog post comes without a certain amount of strategic timing. H-1B visas were a hot topic in Washington this week, including an announced Department of Labor audit of "Corporate Immigration Law Firm of the Year" Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, a law firm with intimate ties to Intel, HP, IBM, Sun* and Oracle.

The H-1B visa subject is a touchy one, especially in light of American corporations actively exploiting loopholes to avoid hiring more expensive American employees. Google, at least, has that ninety percent American-made label to point to.

Before Google, CEO Eric Schmidt headed up Sun Microsystems. 

Google Calls For Expansion Of H-1B Visa Program
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  • Guest

    No! No more recruits from outside the country, Enough is enough! Millions of Americans are jobless. There is enough talent in the country and all companies should look for employees within the United States. In fact, even the sanctioned quota of 65000 H1B visas should be limited to only those foreign students studying in American educational institutions and not to outsiders. You want employees, then create a government organized job employment bureau and let all skilled jobless Americans register for free. I am sure the American companies will find enough employees from this job bureau. There are thousands of talented students both Americans as well as foreign students graduating from American colleges and universities each year.

    It has become quite evident to the Americans now that the lawmakers are working in their own self interest instead of the common good of the people of America.

    As for granting permanent residency to foreign students with post graduate degrees from American institutions, it sounds good, but yes, only if these students have studied prior four years of bachelor degrees in American colleges and universities. If they have been to high school here, even better. This factor is important because there are people who complete their four year degrees for cheap outside the U.S. (by the way, how one can check the authentics of these degrees? Some come with false degrees too!) and then register for higher education in the U.S., take advantage of all benefits available to them and get an easy pathway for permanent residency . This is not fair to students who have been paying huge amounts for a bachelor’s degree in the U.S. and get treated differently. Their hard work and academic perserverance should also matter.

    • Guest

      Tha is because many americans are not well educated and are less intelligent than some foreigners.

      Just look at the president….

  • http://www.activeminds.ca/ David

    Immigration of skilled workers to the USA is required because the necessary skills are not available from the current citizens.  Why?  Because the education system in the US is in a dire state and needs to be fixed to make graduates employable.

    Don’t blame Google for wanting to recruit the best in the world.  If they are prevented from doing so by xenophobic lawmakers and protectionists such as yourselves, they will simply move elsewhere.

  • http://www.tellink.net/~dwstclair Douglas W St. Clair

     Roy Beck gave this talk some time ago but the content is still relevant <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7WJeqxuOfQ>

  • Jess Kalinowsky

    Our national economy is in the toilet, gas prices, food prices, real estate is through the roof and no one can afford to buy anything.  If these big internet company’s like cheap foreign workers so much, then pack your bags and move to India or the Phillipines, or Bangladesh, etc.  All the multi Billionaire executives can change their standard of living and not have all the great things that the good old USA has to offer.  The problem   with America today is we have 30 million illegals just from Latin America! Untold numbers from other countries! Illegal immigration is why 9/11 happened!  Our borders have been wide open for 50 years and people just come here and squat!  If these wealthy people who invest so much much abroad in ‘emerging nations’ would put that same money to work here in America maybe our schools would turn out some brighter graduates! Case in point, Oprah Winfrey opens a  girls school in Africa, and it has been riddled with shame and problems from day one.  That same money could have been spent here in the USA and helped poor Americans instead of poor Africans.  Bill Gates and the Google boys give millions upon millions for aiding foreign countries when that same money could have been spent right here in the USA educating Americans! Out incredibly moronic President has cost us TRILLIONS of dollars in Iraq and Afganistan, when that same money could have been spent right here in our "homeland" and made America a better place!   Somewhere along the way "we" have lost sight of what is good for America.  "We" need to focus on rebuilding our own country.  This giant [very rich] corporations should set up scholarship programs and educational opportunities right here in America!  "We" better wake up and smell the roses, because we are not in great shape financially in the world!   We have allowed foreigners to come here on Student Visa’s or work visa’s and they just stay! because there are no checks and balanced on there whereabouts.   Americans better wake up and BUY AMERICAN! Look around your life, 80-90% of what you own was made outside of this country!   Just like the environment, "We" have to work on it together, one person at a time, one day at a time, and build ourselves a better place to live!

    • Guest

      Look, if we don’t rush to bag the brains from overseas, some other country will.  And where will that leave us?

      If we used this rationale during World War II, the Nazis would have won the war, the Russians would have had Albert Eisntein developing their nuclear program and we would be a hard-luck third world country today.

      The problem with America is not the talent from overseas, it’s the lack of talent at home.  Invest your money where your mouth is…SCHOOLS.  They cost money.  That means taxes.  Stop complaining about rising taxes and make sure you get your money’s worth and that your tax dollars go to educate our future generations.  That’s what the E.U. does and they outstripped us this year economically.  We are no longer the world’s biggest economy…the European Union is.  



  • Jim

    Lets eliminate H-1B visa’s and any tax credits for hiring foreign labor.  If American corporations need skilled labor, maybe they need to do more create an American work force. Our schools and universities need direction and money.

    Whatever happened to work study programs and internships? American kids aren’t stupid but its hard to get them motivated when they see their peers with masters degrees working at McDonalds. 

  • George

    In view of the fact that many technology graduates have seen the steady erosion of starting salaries, it should be OBVIOUS that there is no shortage of qualified, US-born candidates.  Google – now that I know you prefer to hire OUTSIDE the US, I’m going to find another search engine.  I may be only one, but if enough of us do it, you won’t have to worry about needing more employees!

  • http://www.newsalbum.com He-Man

    All these years we, americans made decissions and killed several people in wars, without any curtosy, its the curse today we are facing. Any how let me not talk about the Luck or Spirtual.

    Most of Amercican products and innovations are always bought from outside the country.

    Its not just cheap labour or cheap work.

    If google spend $1000 to build a product and outside other company builds it for $100 and income on that is $400 when will google make its investment.

    Its not about the nation or a single person.

    Would we all pay $10 per person of our population to upskip the companies that lost due to such loses.

    I think its hard for someone to understand what i am trying to tell. You should be little smart!!!! lol

    • Guest

      Go somewhere and learn proper grammer – and lose the "hate America" attitude.

  • Guest

    Like QuickBooks!

    Yeah, I was fired from my lousy part-time job, just before the 2 locations merged, and the all-Chinese firm would’ve had to deal with the token gwai loh on a daily basis.

    I tested at one agency at 94% on QuickBooks, but they have to get an H1B Chinese, because by God, they tried to find someone here in the Chicago area, and just couldn’t  get *anyone* to be their bookkeeper.

    Oh yeah, 2 weeks before I was fired – they were advertising for someone with QuickBooks experience. I <b>know</b> it was them, because I repeated the fax number in the ad at least 10 times a day  to the customers.

    So yeah, we need all the f*cking H1B we can get, because nobody in America can do ordinary office work. Way to go, Bill Gates, Congress, and cheap skate employers! Watch as I don’t buy your stuff and services because I can’t get a job!




  • http://www.winmetrics.com Carl Kelley

    H1-B Visas have brought some very talented people into the country.  After all, India has more honor students than we have students.  But, they are permitted to work only for their sponsoring company for 3 years, extensible to 6, while they wait for their green card.  Green cards now take 6-7 years.  That makes H1-B workers, in effect, indentured servants working for a very low wage. 

    As an independent software contractor, I blame this program for making my real wages drop over the past 8 years.  How can native-born software engineers expect to compete on price with slaves?

    I say either eliminate H1-B visas or hasten green card processing to  6 months.

  • Chris J

    It is important to distinguish between givers and takers.

    An orange picker that jumps the border from Mexico to work without paying tax is a taker.

    A highly skilled IT innovator joining Google in the US will make a contribution to Google US, his/ her co-workers and will pay a significant amount of US taxes. I would class this person as a giver.

    Room should always be made for givers and stricter procedures put in place to weed out takers, regardless of their birthplace.

    This one-size-fits all policy is far too defensive and will restrict the economic and social development of the US in the long run.

    • Guest

      <<<<A highly skilled IT innovator joining Google in the US will make a contribution to Google US, his/ her co-workers and will pay a significant amount of US taxes. I would class this person as a giver.>>

      Wrong. Here is why:

      1. Their salaries are very low. That translates to lower taxrs.

      2. A bug chunk of their pay goes overseas.

      3. While this is happening, a big number of Anerican workers are unemployed. And these are the workers who would have contributed a lot more to our economy.

      And in Indian programmers are so talanted, how come they didn’t invent Google, Oracle, IBM, etc.?

      Sorry, it’s not about lack of talent here in US. It’s all about cheap labor.









  • Guest

    Google did not say it seeks foreigners because there aren’t enough Americans to fill the 10% slot.  They do it for diversity.

    For all those saying Americans are less intelligent, 90% of Americans employed by google proves them wrong.

    I strongly disagree that H-1B visas are needed due to shortage of local talents.  The real reason is cheap labor.  The big companies know it, congress knows it, and every American who has been displaced by a cheap foreign worker knows it.

    Don’t forget the saying: money is the root of all evil.

  • Guest

    There is plenty of talent here in the US.  All the corporations care about is the allmighty dollar.  Bill Gates is one person advocating this but he was never more than an average programmer.  He stole or bought other people’s ideas.  That’s ok.  Let’s sub out Information Technology.  Pretty soon we won’t have anyone with IT skills and who knows who will have control of our data.  Some of you who claim to be "smarter" in your posts should go back to school to learn some proper grammer and spelling.  I see a lot of foreigners in my field but don’t see many who are supremely "talented" and they have issues communicating.  Furthermore, they seem to struggle to think logically.

  • http://profilepiracha.co.cc Mumtaz Piracha

    As we all know, the world is fast becoming a global village. That does not mean it is a global village only to the extent of sharing information, goods and services. It also means that the people of one country can move to another country, from one region to another and from one continent to another. The basic objective is to keep the world moving. The world will move when the people also move from one part of it to the other.

    The U.S. would not have become a super power had it remained contented with the indigenous population of Indians. Most of the people living in the U.S. today are the descendents of the immigrants from other continents.  So, why not keep the tradition going? Let the people of all shapes and sizes, colours and religions, and education, experience, age, country of origin, income group, etc. work in the U.S. and contribute not only to their own wellbeing but also to the wellbeing of the American nation.

    Similarly, the Americans should also move to other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa to contribute to the development of those regions with their knowledge and experience and become international citizens.

    There is a whole new world outside the United States to see, experience and contribute to.




  • Guest

    Neilsen Media in Florida has taken the H1B Visa to an extreem level of abuse, and this tactic will probably be used by many others if the expansion of the program is allowed.

    Neilsen Media is replacing higher paid existing American workers with lower paid contractors from thier Indian contracting partner. These replacement workers will work in the USA on H1B Visas, after being trained by the American workers that they are replacing.

    This tactic will allow for corporate entities to lower the standard of living for ALL Americans. American workers have had level wages for the last decade, and now with efforts to expand the H1B Visa program, the Corporate Infrastructure is working to lower those wages through foriegn worker replacements.

    I beleive that the H1B Visa program has a place in our society to suplement the intellectual inventory of industries, but the way the program works it is now used to destory the fabric of our middle class working families.

    Neilsen is just the beginning, be aware.


  • http://forum.5voq.com ???????

    Has surprised some of Google’s policy in more than one position raised great controversy
    From the beginning of the Google purchase of external service Google Earth and thus triggered much controversy and I can bear the Google index these are things large and powerful products!! That may be affecting the company can afford and management especially in light of competition from Yahoo! Leave your comment

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