Google Calendar Sends Event Reminders

    June 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A couple of updates to Google’s Calendar make it a little more useful to those who want to manage their activities with the service.

On the go types can now access a Google Calendar from a mobile phone. Google Calendar works in mobile web browsers and shows upcoming events, dates, and times.

A bigger change came to the notifications Google offers for the Calendar service. The ‘Notifications’ option available from the left-side Calendar box menu brings up options for reminders and notifications of events.

Event reminders default to a choice of pop-up or email. That default can be switched for a specified event as desired.

Calendar users can choose to be notified of new, changed, or cancelled invitations, or replies to them, by email, SMS, or both. For SMS, a mobile device has to be authenticated first through Google Calendar before those alerts will be sent to it.

We’re still waiting for Google to integrate this more tightly and natively with its Gmail service. Desktop clients like Outlook that handle easy scheduling of events from arrived messages have a marked advantage over Gmail/Calendar. It’s surprising Google hasn’t addressed this yet.