Google Calendar Screenshots

    March 8, 2006

Michael Arrington has scored some leaked screenshots of Google’s Calendar, long rumored and in development as “CL2″.

Some details:

  • Arrington says that CL2 looks like it is a long way from being ready for launch.
  • 200 people are beta testing, and sworn to secrecy.
  • Yahoo briefly had access, but informed Google.
  • CL2 is closely integrated with Gmail.
  • CL2 has subscription feeds for iCal and XML.
  • CL2 has event creation, search, sharing, notifications (including email, SMS, and popups).
  • Google is not just creating personal calendars or group calendars, but creating a searchable events database. Included in that is a public webpage (for public events) to share details.
  • CL2 has keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can choose to make your calendar public or private, or just show what times you are busy.
  • You can add other calendars by searching public calendars, friend’s calendars, holiday calendars, or by entering a public calendar address (iCal or Atom).

Looks very interesting. I wonder how long it’ll take before a public version is ready. Also, I have to wonder if the beta will be open for more than nine hours.

(via Philipp)

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