Google Buys Swiss Mapping Company

    December 18, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Google continues its pattern of omnigooglization in Europe by acquiring the Internet, mapping and data processing units of Switzerland-based Endoxon, for an undisclosed sum.

Google Earths & Maps, led by Director John Hanke, will be grouped together under the company name Mappuls AG. Google says Endoxon’s engineering staff and technical resources will bolster Google Earth and Maps’ analysis capabilities and improve functionality of those services in Europe.

“The Endoxon team has demonstrated passion and innovation in online mapping and has developed compelling technology that will enhance our Google geo products worldwide,” said Hanke.

“We’re also excited about having a dedicated team in Europe that can bring a distinctively European focus to our Maps products in those markets.”

Founded in 1988, Endoxon has become known in Europe as a developer of mapping, mobile, data processing, cartography, and direct marketing services, as well as the developer of the Trinity software suite.

The company specializes in AJAX mapping technologies, geo-referencing data processing, and aerial and satellite imaging.

There’s been no word from France yet regarding the blatant attempt to anglicize the world, as was feared with Google Print for Libraries. No word yet from the conspiracy theorists either, though it’s obvious this is a CIA spying front corporation.


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