Google Busts Myths About Display Campaign Optimizer

    March 4, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google has posted a new Office Hours video about Display Campaign Optimizer. It features a Google Display product manager and product expert discussing the auto-targeting product.

If you’re unfamiliar with Display Campaign Optimizer, Google made it available to all two years ago via AdWords. Here’s a quick look:

“In addition to fully automating your targeting and bidding, it uses a variety of signals like context, demographics and interest categories to find additional conversions across our vast AdSense publisher network – all at your desired CPA,” Google explained.

In the Office Hours video, you’ll get a general overview about how it works, and some answers to frequently asked questions. They also bust some “myths and misconceptions” about the product. Enjoy.

Image via Google

  • http://www.cgiwebhost.com/ dynaweb

    Google adwords is garbage. They took hundreds upon hundreds of dollars from me and I got ZERO ROI for it. I even used a Google Account Specialist to set up the campaign for me. Dont’ waste your hard earned money people. I got better results from FREE ads on Craigslist.

  • kfrustratedwithgoogle

    Google search is getting really off topic with adwords using negative
    keywords. Most of the websites are not even closely related to what
    you’re searching for. Besides that, how is it possible to think of every
    negative keyword for your campaign? I really wish we didn’t have to use
    Google! Now I see that Bing is also doing the negative keyword ads as
    well. Both should just have an option if you want to show up for words
    that aren’t related to what your trying to sell. Big Money grab!! and
    totally frustrating.