Google bullish on Atom, Microsoft bullish on RSS?

    March 25, 2006

Richard MacManus noticed that a Google employee at Mix06 was “very bullish” on Atom while Microosft seemed to be bullish on RSS.

Congrats to Michael Lehman, who did that interview and did a TON of others at Mix06.

When Dave Winer says that RSS is going to embrace Microsoft, he’s right. So far we’re listening to what the community actually uses and haven’t gotten ahead of the community (which includes publishers like the BBC and the New York Times) and tried to tell the community which way to go. I think that’s a good thing.

That said, our RSS platform is reading in Atom too and we’ll support whatever the community adopts. Hey, has that Jeff Sandquist guy (aka my boss) been fired yet for supporting Quicktime and PSP? No!

I love this company!

Update: Richard wrote even more on this topic over on his blog.

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