Google Builds Analytics Help

    February 13, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Whether you got in the front door during the open invitation to sign up for Google’s website analytics services or are on the waiting list, the newest forum on Google Groups offers assistance.

Google’s AdWords team blogged how it has been inviting more advertisers to try the free version of Google Analytics. As more people try it out, the logic goes, more people will want to discuss issues and tips on using the former Urchin product.

The Analytics Help group lets users find and share information about improving ROI through judicious use of Google Analytics, and ideas on tracking one’s site or troubleshooting issues they encounter. Posts made by the member “AnalyticsPro” are approved by Google.

The analytics team also discussed the resources available, including one for optimizing a site:

In addition to the forum, the Analytics Help Center is also a helpful resource for getting answers to frequently asked questions, how-to articles, troubleshooting instructions, and more. You may notice forum members referencing the Help Center in their posts from time to time. Also, to find out what industry experts recommend to optimize your marketing efforts and site content, take a seat at Conversion University, where you can learn more about driving traffic to your site and converting visitors into customers.

When Google renamed the Urchin service to Google Analytics and made it a free offering, response proved so overwhelming it had to close the doors to new requests in November 2005 about a week after it debuted. In January, Google began inviting new users via email to join the service.

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