Google Bought Measure Map…

    April 23, 2006

Valleywag alleges (do they ever do anything else, after all?) that when Google bought Measure Map, the deal allowed Google to hire two members of the team to be named later.

The alleged deal: Adaptive Path would agree to let Google hire two members of the team. But AP wouldn’t know which ones until after the agreement. Then Google, like an America’s Top Model panel, interviewed everyone at AP and scooped up its two favorites.

So Adaptive Path had to sign a contract not knowing which team members would say goodbye. It’s almost like seeing a family break up – except the orphans get a six-figure salary.

If true, that is pretty interesting. Valleywag says they snapped up Jeff Veen, who started Measure Map, and someone else who they’re not telling. So, are we going to start treating Web 2.0 hires like Major League Baseball free agents? Weird.

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