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    May 9, 2006

Google has started a blog for Google Book Search, called “Inside Google Book Search“.

This makes six Google blogs that use “Inside Google”. If Google wants to use the name InsideGoogle exclusively, I’d give it to them, in exchange for a business relationship :-)

But seriously, Andy Beal says this on his blog:

Now the big question; can Nathan claim copyright infringement for using “Inside Google”? He did get there first.

I would love to know what the law on this is, not to enforce it, but in case someone tries to sue me. I’ve been publishing under the InsideGoogle tag since August 17, 2004, which should give me some claim on the name, and that it doesn’t cause confusion with the Google brand. Hell, I have several blogs using the Inside{topic} format name. Maybe I should sue other blogs with that prefix!

Funny, the old InsideGoogle LiveJournal site has had eight new posts since I abandoned it on Christmas Day, 2004.

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