Google Bonds With Western Union In New Countries

    August 11, 2008

The Summer Games often seem like a geography lesson.  People will ask each other "where’s that?" during the opening ceremony, or maybe say "I forgot about them" following an upset.  So now’s as good a time as any for Google AdSense to introduce a Western Union payment option in some smallish countries.

AdSense and Western Union Quick Cash have connected in Bulgaria, Egypt, Lithuania, Morocco, and Taiwan.  "To sign up to receive your next payment via Western Union, simply follow the following instructions here by the 15th of the month," wrote "AdSensePro Ashley" in the AdSense Help forum.

Google Logo

"Also," she continued, "note that payments will be made in US dollars, but your Western Union agent may be able to convert your payment to your local currency."

A hat tip goes to Barry Schwartz, and we’ll allow more Google products to fill in some possible blanks here; the main search engine can provide exchange rates, or Google Maps should help if you’re still trying to place countries.

Just be careful with that last service, as a recent mapping "oops" put the image of an American state next to a report about Russia’s conflict with Georgia.