Google Blogging, Good And Bad

    July 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google may have lost the last of its innocence with an ill-advised rah-rah blog post for the healthcare industry, but made an effort to recover with a redesign of its philanthropic site.

The shine is off Google’s rose for good, the ‘don’t do evil’ motto neatly tucked under fresh-turned earth. Somewhere in the distance, a carillon rings forlornly as the last of the mourners zips away on wings of broadband connectivity.

A bit harsh? Not really, just realistic. After Google Health Ads blogged about the injustice of Michael Moore’s film, Sicko, before Googler Lauren Turner backed off and took the blame for the comments, our Jason Lee Miller noted Google’s further damage control efforts.

If the blunt honesty of Lauren’s advertising pitch to the much-criticized healthcare industry wasn’t enough to jade the most ardent Google fan, their subsequent spin proved even more insightful, and disappointing. From the official Google blog:

Our internal review of the piece before publication failed to recognize that readers would — properly, but incorrectly — impute the criticisms as reflecting Google’s official position.

Before that piece made it to the Google Health Ads blog on Friday, it was reviewed by someone besides Turner. Someone who delved into a monumental valley of shortsightedness, someone seemingly with no clue about the raw nerves a healthcare issue can rub, vetted the post.

There’s nothing else we can say about this, really.

On the brighter side, Google’s philanthropic efforts continue, with that project receiving a minor makeover at The site’s new blog also launched today.

The project will update the blog from time to time, as they discuss the work being done by other Google staffers, and by the organizations receiving Google Grants to achieve their charitable aims.