Google Blogging Accident

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Eric Case writes on the Blogger Buzz blog about a recent case where a Googler accidentally posted to an official Google blog a post meant for her personal blog. Embarressing? Yes. Silly? Yup. Serious security concern? Uh, no.

Yet, reading a bunch of blogs you’d think Kathy Murillo had confessed in the JonBenet Ramsey murder, not posted a recipe for little white chocolate skulls. Besides, the skulls look yummy.

Kathy: Send me some!

Eric, writing about the situation, says he felt disheartened as a little human error, not a security breach, was discussed on blogs as big as TechCrunch as though it was an indictment of the Blogger platform. There was no story here, except the humor angle, but it was treated in a completely serious light. He’s right, that we need to be careful about what we bloggers focus on, and what conclusions we draw from what are sometimes meaningless stories.

This isn’t the evening news.

Skulls on the Google blog? We’ll tell you who they belong to, at 11.

In a culture like Google’s, Eric showed great big white chocolate balls (yumm!) by actually addressing this in public. Good for him. Blogging doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Blog posts can take top spots in search engine, wind up in Google News, and get quoted in the New York Times. I’m not perfect (sorry, Mark Jen), but I know we have to try to keep things calm. There’s nothing wrong with giving multi-billion-dollar corporations the benefit of the doubt.

Bloggers aren’t typical journalists, because we can do better. We don’t have to hold viewers after ER, we don’t have to worry about corporate, standards and practices, or the needs of sponsors. We aren’t limited to space, or stuck behind the big wraparound playoff special or the comics, and we can curse and describe the horrific acts being perpetrated by our leaders. Time to live up to the hype.



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Google Blogging Accident
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