Google BearingPoint For Search Services

    February 14, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A partnership of Google and BearingPoint means corporate purchasers of Google’s hardware can contract for assistance installing and configuring Google for the enterprise.

Happy Valentine’s Day! This morning’s love match is brought to you by the website CNet, the symbol $, and the letter G. The professional services company formerly known as KPMG and seen on ball caps worn by PGA golfers already uses Google search on its website, it’s just extending the knowledge behind implementing that to its many business partners.

More about the deal should be known sometime before thousands of ramekins of creme brule go under the carmelizing blowtorch at restaurants everywhere tonight. BearingPoint will provide services to support the installation of the Google Search Appliance and the Desktop Search for Enterprise software.

Currently, BearingPoint pays Google $10,000 for an annual membership in Google’s Enterprise Partner Program. That includes training and certification from Google on the Search Appliance platform.

The article discussed more about where BearingPoint figures in the partnership:

BearingPoint will offer companies customized search technology tailored for specific industries, like pharmaceuticals, banking, high-tech and aerospace, (BearingPoint managing director Chris) Weitz said. The company also will provide software plug-ins for the Google hardware, as well as customized security integration, sales and support, he said.

BearingPoint’s high profile may help drive more hardware sales for Google. A boost in Search Appliance shipments would help Google achieve a little diversification of its revenue stream, currently pegged at 99 percent advertising money.

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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.