Google Base Clears Up Subdomain Problem

    January 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A recent update by the engineers behind Google Base has fixed a problem affecting users who tried submitting bulk upload data to the site.

Registering URLs that contained subdomains proved a sticky issue for Google Base. The latest update has corrected the problem, which Google described in the Base blog.

For users with multiple sites located under the same subdomain, the problematic bug prevented registrations of subdomain URLs beyond the first one registered. Google illustrated the problem as follows:

One example of a subdomain is If you registered, nobody else could register a URL that included that subdomain. For example, could not be registered for another account even though it points to a different page.

Apparently this was a show-stopper for a lot of potential Google Base users. Now that it has been cleared away, more content should find its way into the service.

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