Google Barges Into the Ocean

...Plans to At Least

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Google’s quest for global domination organization is taking a step further as it moves out into the ocean. Yes, Google intends to have a presence not only in outer space, but in the sea as well.

According to Ron Schenone at Lockergnome, the company wants to have barges built three to seven miles off shore , and in 50 to 70 meters of water. Why could they possibly want this? To house data centers of course. Where else are they going to hold the digital version of every newspaper in history?

It makes perfect sense that Google would expand into the sea. There’s only so much room in outer space, which I assume they are saving for later (so far they’re only sending satellites up; not settling on space stations as far as I know).Seriously though, they’ve filed a patent for the "Water-based data center". Data Center Knowledge explains:

The Google design incorporates the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter units, which use the motion of ocean surface waves to create electricity and can be combined to form "wave farms." The largest existing project uses seven Pelamis units to generate about 5 megawatts of power. Diagrams included with Google’s patent application indicate the company plans to combine 40 or more Pelamis units to produce 40 megawatts of power.

The patent documents describe a cooling system based on sea-powered pumps and  seawater-to-freshwater heat exchangers.

It actually sounds really interesting and innovative, which would explain the patent-filing.  Once they get these things going, there will be plenty of room in the world’s oceans for them to expand. Once the ocean’s surfaces and the galaxy are thoroughly dominated by Google, there should still be plenty of room under water.

Google Barges Into the Ocean
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  • Shafeer


    I like the innovative idea of putting a CAPTCHA instead of some complex image that has scrambled Text and sound to identify human visitor. It’s really is simple and cool and it works as well.

    • LambCurry

      "some complex image that has scrambled Text and sound to identify human visitor" is also a form of CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" and these are both forms of the same idea.

      As usual, there’s more information on Wikipedia!

  • http://www.roughdiamondproductions.com daz

    this idea has been waiting to happen since the mid seventies oil-crisis

    see the work of prof stephen salter, edinburgh uk the grand-daddy of these systems – in the average metre of wavefront there is about 60 to 90 kW of energy just moving all that water about – the potential is huge for proper sustainable energy. forget wind turbines and nuclear, ocean power IS the future of our energy needs.

    see also www.roughdiamondproductions.com/sound-artist

  • Shaan

    This is not an original idea, they are just powering their data centre using electricity derived from wave power. But prototypes for wave power were in existence for a long time. Just utilizing electricity derived from wave power cannot be patented. I think Google is slowly becoming a Monster and Doing All Evil.

    • Alan8

      While wave power was previously patented, the combination of wave power and something else (even something else also previously patented) is a new invention, and is therefore patentable.


      This is why when you patent A, B, and C, you should also patent the four combinations of A, B, and C, or someone else could do it.

      • http://www.davissd.com CA Sailor

        No, you can not combine a few things and file a patent.  A patent must be something "New and Inventive".  For example, I could not get a patent for a car with 5 wheels just because I added a new wheel to an existing design.

        I wonder how many barges and/or sailboats will run into one of their "data centers" just hanging out somewhere 50 miles off the coast?  This is dangerous and should not be completed.  Who will be responsible?  The boat on autopilot or the datacenter just floating lifeless in the water…

  • Guest

    Yes, they’ll cool their computers with sea water… warming the sea water, which will then be pushed back out into the ocean at large to ruin some littleknown animal’s habitat which will in turn throw off the whole ecosystem and cause alge blooms that will in turn kill off larger groups of animals…  Not that I’m against progress.  I just hope they think of themselves as guests in the environment they’re entering.

  • http://www.e-commercewebdesign.co.uk Adam – E-commerce Web Design

    What has CAPTCHA got to do with Googles deep sea den? I don’t think the negative environmental implications will outweigh the potential positive ones. I think it’s good that Google try new methods of data storage.

  • http://www.stonerscolony.com FaTe

    news of the day! made me giggle lol

  • http://donscycleware.com DONSCYCLEWARE.COM

    I think the off-shore wave powered data center is a great idea. It shows that someone at Google is thinking out of the box. Even if the data center idea doesn’t come to fruition. A similar idea (wave powered cell phone towers or something) using the concept may be a major success.  Any power source that doesn’t pollute is worth investigating. Google has plenty of capital to invest in alternative power sources. I wish them well in the endeavor.

    Before you accuse Google of being evil for getting a patent on the concept keep in mind that if they didn’t get a patent someone else would. Maybe every body’s friend, Microsoft for instance. Isn’t that a comforting thought?


  • http://center.spoke.com/info/p8XSHSS/PeterMonroe Peter Monroe

    Google needs to have a new datacenter in the middle of the ocean at a depth of 8300 meters.

  • http://www.gogimon.com advanced search

    What hasn’t been said about Google?

    Everthing it seems


    they are the best

  • Guest

    Wow thank God Google are Human what with GoogleEarth GoogleStreetview now GoogleOcean, well thats about it. No But wait theres more, The GoogleMovie, Its about an evil race of Aliens who come from a planet called Google. These crazy blood thirsty space geeks  suck the Google servers dry of all the mapping data and plot to take over the Earth street by street Powerplant by Powerplant. Oh how boring. Its a damn good thing Google are the good guys and on our side, well, they are on our side, aren’t they?

    From Garry.


  • Guest
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  • Guest

    It sounds a little interesting, but wonder how practical it will be. Google seems to get invovled in all sorts of new things. Maybe they should check out www.sealand.tv first. They may want to buy up some acres on the seabed from the Actor who claimed 6 mil miles years ago from the UN, first. If it harnesses power, great, but they better be careful in the Gulf coast with all those hurricanes. 

  • http://www.homeremedyhaven.com Home Remedies

    What I like about Google’s newfound move is that they seem to be very eco friendly in their new exploration ideas.

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