Google Bakes A Gigantic Cake

    October 12, 2007

Sure, there are privacy issues.  And yes, the company sometimes looks like a monopoly.  But it has now made a cake weighing at least 125 pounds, which leads me to ask: how can you not love Google?

Google Bakes A Gigantic Cake
Google Bakes A Gigantic Cake

“To commemorate the first anniversary of our New York office in its current space, we decided to think big — a giant scale-model cake of the entire block-long building,” announced Kevin McConvey, a cafe director, on the Official Google Blog.  “Our facilities manager, Laura Gimpel, and I came up with a plan to construct this tasty treat and serve it at last Thursday’s anniversary celebration.”

That plan, which McConvey went on to lay out, involved four days, seven people, 630 eggs, 105 pounds of sugar, and 20 pounds of butter.  “The finished product was five feet long, three feet high and two feet wide,” he reported.  “Now that’s a lot of cake!”

And, as you can (usually) trust Google to do, the company let nothing go to waste; the last of the ginormous treat disappeared on Friday evening.

Now, I’m not sure that the cake did anyone’s waistline or blood pressure much good, and health enthusiasts may wholeheartedly object to the project.  But the pleasure of working for Google probably makes up for some of that stuff.  And in any event, I’m with McConvey, who concluded, “I can’t wait to see what we do when our office turns two.”