Google Back Link Update Underway

    June 2, 2004

It appears that Google’s updated/updating (depending on when you read this) their back links. This means that Google’s evaluating the links to your site and awarding or penalizing it with more links. If you’ve been especially industrious about finding more links to your site you may see a growth in your PageRank.

Your PageRank does not necessarily indicate where your page will rank for your given search terms however.

There’s a tool over at WebMasterBrain that queries all the Google datacenters and reveals the PageRank of your site across them.

If you see differences in your PR across the datacenters after you’ve queried their page you know that a) there’s an update in progress and b) what your PageRank is likely to be after the update’s complete.

SEOChat and Internet Marketing Research forums are both discussing the update and sharing their glory/distress.

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