Google Autocomplete Misogyny Serves as the Focal Point for These Powerful Ads

    October 18, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Google autocomplete, for all its various detractors, is simply a reflection of the people. Google’s not picking what it suggests to you when you start typing a query – you are. Well, maybe not you entirely. Google’s autocomplete suggestions are based on a complex algorithm that take into account the popularity of specific search terms, your own personal search history, and more. Basically, if you see some odd or downright repulsing suggestions in Google autocomplete, it’s because humanity sucks.

UN Women, the United Nations organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women, has created some incredible new ads using Google autocomplete as the backdrop.

Have you ever typed in “women cannot” or “women shouldn’t” into Google and looked at what comes up? Obviously it’s going to be different for each person depending on where they are in the world – but for the most part the suggestions are full of misogyny. Seriously. Try it.


To UN Women, these autocomplete suggestions show that there’s still a lot of work to do when it comes to promoting gender equality. Check out the ads:

If you were wondering, here’s what men should do:

Images via UN Women, AdWeek

  • Interesting

    Interesting, but you can do the same thing for men and the results aren’t that flattering either. I am actually getting tired of hearing about how bad women have it in the world. Feminists will complain about every little thing. The worst are the male feminists. They haven’t realized that the feminist agenda is not about equality but rather it is about superiority and power.

    We get it already. All the problems of women are caused by men. Men are the root of all evil — especially the white man. Women are never to be held accountable for their own actions, desires, or decisions. Women simply never make their own choices and should never have to face the consequences of those choices. It is always someone else’s fault.

    We get it already. Women are good. Men are bad. Women have value. Men have no value. Our girls should be given esteem. Our boys should be ignored. Women can do it all. Men are not needed.

    We get it already.

  • Wow

    There isn’t some vast conspiracy against women. These are just search terms. For example, every school kid in America has written a report on women voting, having rights, working, etc. People are going to be looking for articles and counter articles. For example, a researcher would look for viewpoints on why women SHOULD work and why one thinks that women SHOULDN’T work. Go out to your Google site and type: women should. You will get this:

    women should work
    women should work out like men
    women should work after marriage
    women should work essay.

    This article is all about selective representation. It is BS. It is trying to create problems where none exist.

  • spookiewon

    Gawd, I am so tired of the radfem bullshit. You don’t empower women by making them into victims.

  • Victim

    The world could be comprised of only women and feminists would find a way to tell the world that women are still victims. The whole victim mentality is a crutch. Women make their own choices and decisions. This is nonsense anyhow. Just search terms. I tried other search terms and the results were flattering towards women. I tried some for men and they weren’t flattering. All the examples above were hand picked and selective. I am tired of feminism though. Lots of people are actually. Heck, I know many women that are tired of it too. All a feminist does is complain like a whining child. Problem is they are complaining so much now that it is like the boy who cried wolf. No one listens. No one cares. The only reason why people agree with feminists is so that they go away faster. Men who are feminists are the truly dumb ones. They suck up to the women and think that will make them look good, meanwhile the feminists behind closed doors rip them to hell. Dumbasses.

  • What is it this week.

    What are women complaining about this week? Oh… random search results. I tried this. You get just as many positive search results as negative. Just another example of feminists complaining about nothing valid.

    • The Mighty Joe

      Oh look, it’s somebody who doesn’t matter complaining about a group of people he thinks doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. Go crack open a beer and slump in front of your TV like a good pleb.

      • @The Mighty Joe

        No, it is just a bullshit ad. You can pull up search results that are equally insulting to men. You are a prime example of what is wrong with feminists.

        1) You do not acknowledge when something is not an issue. These are just search results. They weren’t done on purpose.

        2) You assume the person who wrote the comment is a slob who sits in front of TV and hates women.

        • Len

          Oh. Another one of those “Men have feels too” guys.
          Look, dude. I’m SURE men are treated just as unfairly as women.

          So…how many times were you groped today? Raped this year? How many times were you told to shut your whore mouth? How many times did someone measure your value by your looks alone? How many times were you told that you were too fat, or too skinny? Or that someone called you a bitch because you didn’t want to sleep with them? How many times did someone call you something awful because you tried to explain that you do, in fact, have a voice too?

          Oh yes. I am sure it’s SOOOOOOOOO hard. You poor, poor thing.

  • Misleading

    This is very misleading. You can pull up just as many negative results for men.

  • Patanjali

    I think there are more than a few misogynists here who are spreading some FUD about women.

    The ads seem to be clearly showing how people are biased in the types of search queries used in regards to womens’ behaviour compared to mens’.

    To those who assert that men get just as many negative search term listings obviously haven’t actually tried it.

    For ‘women should’, the terms listed are:
    .. have no rights
    .. not be allowed to work
    .. be seen and not heard
    .. not speak in church
    .. stay at home
    .. not play sports
    .. be in the kitchen
    .. lift weights
    .. be silent bible
    .. not wear pants.

    Compare that to ‘men should’:
    .. be what they seem
    .. not get married
    .. be what they seem meaning
    .. weep
    .. always pray
    .. wear saree
    .. wear pink
    .. wear makeup
    .. pay for dates
    .. weep characters.

    Clearly, while those for men are suggesting some possible behaviours, and by no means universally applicable, those for women are overwhelmingly concerned with restricting their social interaction. That is a very negative view of what they ‘should’ do.

    For ‘women shouldn’t’:
    .. work
    .. vote
    .. run
    .. wear pants
    .. have rights
    .. speak in church
    .. be in combat
    .. be cops
    .. wear bras
    .. go to college.

    And for ‘men shouldn’t’:
    .. cry
    .. wear shorts
    .. marry
    .. wear flip flops
    .. eat soy
    .. hit women
    .. take selfies
    .. wear jewelry
    .. shave
    .. pay for dates.

    Again, the terms for women are overwhelmingly geared towards suppression of women, while most of those for men are hardly oppressive at all.

    Now, what we don’t know is what demographics are typing in these queries.

    I think some men are in denial, because there are still lots of avenues, particularly amongst religions and the home life they proscribe, that are actively denying equality for women. And the stats about who on average does most of the housework highlights the ongoing expectational bias.

    So you wimps, stop pretending to be victims, when you know nothing about being a real victim!

  • ohwell

    I personally added (to google knowledge base) today:
    men are scum
    men should die
    men should be shot like rabid dogs
    men are worthless trash
    men should be off the face of earth
    u like?
    hope they read it next time they search.
    what goes around comes around. most of them strut around viewing women as 2nd class garbage they can murder any time they want. I think all of them, actually.
    Not to forget things…what hurts males the most in terms of personal communication? Calling them boring, rejecting them, cheating on them, making it clear they are not well-endowed. These things can scar them for lives. Remember and use frequently.

    • Concerned

      Excuse me? This is not the way to treat such a problem. The comment you posted was extremely hypocritical. Assuming you agree with the above UN Women ads, you think all women are diverse and should be treated as equally diverse as men, because some women can fix a car as well as men, while others can set up a mechanic shop, etc, yet you paint all men with the same brush. And when a guy offends a women, shame on him. Yet you give advice on hurting the men who are offended by this! Hypocrite. When you call a woman fat, that scarred her for life, shame on you evil man, but you encourage such behavior to men. Hypocrite! I’m not saying that all men are sweet angels. I’m saying that you’re message was hypocritical and highly 5-y/o-whiny like.