Google Audio Player Comes To Light

    August 22, 2006

Google has entered a new market yet again, although the company isn’t doing its own press on this one. Intrepid bloggers found, while exploring Gmail, that there is a new feature present – an MP3 player. This is probably not going to replace any other player you use, but it’s a nice bonus.

As Amit Agarwal described it, “A new GMail feature lets you play MP3 files right inside the Gmail interface without having to download the MP3 or open an external media player.” Agarwal posted one of the most thorough write-ups that has yet to appear.

“Now digging into the GMail MP3 player code, I discovered that it’s actually the Google video player that’s playing the audio file,” Agarwal wrote. “In fact, you can play any MP3 files from the embedded Google Video player without even having to login to Gmail.”

As if that’s not enough, “You can embed the Google MP3 player in your website or blog just like the Odeo plugin,” Agarwal discovered.

On Google Blogoscoped, Philipp Lenssen used “Google’s MP3 wrapper in a simple Iframe . . . and now you have streaming capabilities and a Google Video-like interface with a progress bar and sound adjustments.”

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Watch pointed out “one thing to note, as a Mac user. This does not rendered on Apple’s Safari web browser, even thought Google Video works fine.”

And on the Google Operating System Blog, Ionut Alex wrote that the MP3 player “was initially used only for the voicemails sent from Google Talk. Google uses a Flash player, similar to the one from Google Video.” Also, “You can create a new filter for MP3 files, so it’s easier to find them.”


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