Google Asks About Gmail Problems

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For the record, there’s still a “beta” tag on Gmail, and so users may not be entitled to complain too loudly.  Nonetheless, issues including empty inboxes have been reported, and an official “Gmail Guide” has inquired about another matter.

“I know that some of you have been experiencing problems loading accounts and are redirected to basic HTML view,” wrote the Guide on a Google Groups forum.  “We need your help to resolve this!”

That’s a little disconcerting, although, all in all, probably fair enough – better a public effort to fix things than a behind-the-scenes, we’re-screwed nervous breakdown.  Of greater concern is the empty inbox issue.  This doesn’t appear to be widespread – and “this,” by the way, is exactly what you’d imagine judging by the name of “empty inbox issue” – but it’s becoming a sort of scary tale.

Tamar WeinbergAll the more so because Google hasn’t acknowledged the existence of a problem on its end.  Of course, the company will be hard-pressed to prove a negative, and there may be nothing to admit.  Still, the reports were enough to make Tamar Weinberg write, “Thankfully, that’s not happening to me or any other forum members for that matter,” and I have to echo her sentiment.

Stay tuned – Google seems ready to discuss one of the two problems, anyway, so we’ll hopefully hear when it gets fixed.

Google Asks About Gmail Problems
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  • Jason Freidenfelds

    For privacy reasons, we don’t address individual user cases, so we can’t go into details on the specific cases cited in the IDG article. However, we have not seen any unusual spike in reports of compromised accounts, nor have we seen any technical problems with Gmail. We know how important Gmail is to our users. We use it ourselves for our corporate email, so we take reports like this very seriously. We encourage anyone who is having any kind of technical difficulty with Gmail to contact the Gmail Support team through the Gmail Help Center at http://mail.google.com/support/ .

    • Jason Freidenfelds

      To clarify, we haven’t seen technical problems in relation to the user reports cited in the IDG article. The Basic HTML view some users are seeing is a separate issue.

    • Guest

      Dear Google mail support, How many episodes of Inbox messages disappearing does it take before the problem is addressed? I have been a very strong supported of Gmail and have been recommending it to everyone but losing all my emails in the Inbox and in Trash suddenly is changing my thinking.

  • Guest

    All the emails in my inbox disappeared, I mean they just flat disappeared and some were very important to me. (I was at 10% usage). I clicked on "All" and that brought up some emails from mid 2007. Also, all emails in "Trash" also disappeared without me doing anything.

  • NICK

    for about two weeks now, me and my fiance can not log into our accounts! maybe for a half hour a day!

    i can not send invoices and quotes for my business!!

    what can i do

  • Colin Killam

    Gmaail is very slow to come up and will not open listed mail to read or reply to.

  • http://tombillips.com/ Tom

    Well Im using gmail and I dont have any problems, so it is cool.

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