Google Apps Gets Google Groups

    December 9, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google announced that is now including Google Groups in the Premier and Education editions of Google Apps. The company says Groups is one of its most widely-used applications, so it only makes sense.

When a group is set up, employees/students can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, shared folders, sites, calendars, and videos with the group, rather than having to include individual email addresses or try to remember who joined or left a certain group.

Google cites the following Google Groups features that are now included:

– Fast set-up
– Searchable archives
– Sharing with a group
– Reply on behalf of a group
– IT capabilities

"After enabling the new service from the administrative control panel (add ‘user-managed groups’), users can start managing their own groups without burdening administrators for support," says Rajen Sheth, Senior Product Manager, Google Apps. "Administrators can still set group policies and manage other group settings."

Google says Google Groups will be rolling out to Google Apps Premier and Education Edition domains today, so there is a chance you won’t see it right away, but you should very soon.

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