Google Apps Catches Big Customer

    July 1, 2008

Google Apps is something we don’t hear about too often; compared to search, it simply doesn’t come up.  Google Apps is getting along just fine, though, and a new development involving Taylor Woodrow proves this point.

Taylor Woodrow is a construction company in the UK that migrated its 1,800 employees to Google Apps Premier Edition.  Since the firm had already adopted the Google Search Appliance, this new move demonstrates a certain amount of satisfaction with Google’s ways.  Also, as a result of the latest development, Taylor Woodrow expects to save about £1 million (or $2 million) on infrastructure and support costs.

Taylor Woodrow
 Taylor Woodrow

Rob Ramsay, Taylor Woodrow’s director of IT, explained on the Official Google Enterprise Blog, "Our employees can now get in touch with their colleagues easily from whatever location they are working at.  The mobility coupled with the speed of roll-out, the lack of requirement for a physical infrastructure and the speed of new product development is very beneficial."

A post on the Official Google Blog then outlined Google Apps’s overall success story.  In the 17 months the service has been around, over 500,000 organizations have adopted Apps.  The current rate of adoption comes in at 3,000 per day.  Not bad, eh?

The two-year check-in point should prove extremely interesting.